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Get ready to revolutionize your accounting experience with Umemi, the ultimate smart accounting app! Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional bookkeeping and hello to a sleek, efficient, and user-friendly solution. With Umemi, managing your finances has never been easier or more enjoyable. Check out the incredible features that make Umemi stand out from the crowd:

1. Umemi Mode: As soon as you open the app, Umemi gets to know your accounting habits, making it easier than ever to keep track of your expenses.

2. Quick Bookkeeping: Umemi simplifies the process with distinct and independent entrances for expenditures, income, and transfers. No more switching between different screens! Plus, our intelligent "Umemi Mode" completes similar accounts in a matter of seconds.

3. Variety Style: We believe that bookkeeping should be as fun as it is functional. That's why Umemi offers a bold and avant-garde design style, with a range of appearances to choose from. You can even customize the appearance separately for normal mode and dark mode, making boring bookkeeping a thing of the past.

4. Multiple Budgets: Stay on top of your finances with Umemi's support for multiple budget plans. Easily switch between budgets to meet your needs in different periods. You can even set separate budgets for different categories, allowing for better consumption management.

5. Automatic Exchange Rate: Whether you're traveling or managing international transactions, Umemi has got you covered. We support multiple currencies and dynamically obtain exchange rates, automatically converting data analysis and display to your default currency.

6. Chart Analysis: Gain valuable insights into your financial health with Umemi's powerful chart analysis tools. Keep track of your debts, analyze your consumption patterns from multiple dimensions and types, and easily switch between pie charts and histograms for a visual representation of your finances.

7. Data Screening: Umemi offers rich screening conditions to meet all your needs. Use map filtering to see where your money is being spent and take advantage of the unique "star" function to quickly find important records.

8. Safe and Worry-Free: Your financial data is precious, and Umemi takes its security seriously. Protect your data with TouchID or FaceID, and enjoy worry-free iCloud data backup, ensuring that your information is never lost.

9. Focus on Bookkeeping: Umemi is dedicated solely to bookkeeping. We are independent and have no social or financial management features, allowing us to focus solely on providing you with the best accounting experience.

10. Infinite Future: Umemi is not just an app, it's a journey. We look forward to growing with you and continually improving our features to meet your evolving needs.

But wait, there's more! By becoming a VIP member, you unlock exclusive benefits:

- Unlimited free use of all themes and appearances.
- Unlimited data backup and recovery.
- Access to all new features in future versions.

Choose between our "Permanent VIP" option for a one-time purchase and permanent ownership, or our "Monthly VIP" and "Annual VIP" subscription modes. Don't worry, managing your subscription is a breeze. Simply go to your iTunes/AppleID settings to turn off automatic renewal if needed.

Your financial journey starts now with Umemi. Download the app today and take control of your accounting like never before.

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The App may involve financial risks, Please install carefully